Friday, March 13, 2009

The negative list,and its my opinion :)

You know when you read things about people when they are their own author how everyone always is so positive and happy and skinny and rich and in love and tall and thankful and..........

Well I have another list, it is one that tells the truth about my life.

I have adverse feelings about the economy.

After years of sacrifice and saving and planning, it was all for not. The money I have worked so hard for is gone. The promises made by the current administration, when they were campaigning are much harder to produce than it was for them to promise. We hear how so many people have lost their homes. Well, what about the millions of us who worked hard, and saved and were financially smart with a practical plan to care for ourselves. We had 401K's and bonds and a nest egg savings account and no expectation to have the government take care of us. Our homes are still over our heads, and no one did it for us. No one gave a hand out and said "here, this is your future funds you will need, and I am putting it in a 401K just for you". Why does everyone expect a hand out. When people make their choice to go out on a limb to buy something they can't afford, and still have all the extra luxuries and don't make changes in their life style to pay for the thing they can't afford, they expect help. These are real people and real situations.

But last night I watched the news, and saw video of people who had invested millions and lost it all. The man who took the money is off to jail for being dishonest, a thief, a crook. And when all is said and done the cameras and the microphone was on the people who had lost millions. And do you know what they said: "I still have my wife/husband. We have a family and that is what is the most important".

Those people said it with tears running down their cheeks, or looking into the eyes of their spouses. They are still grateful. And they weren't asking the government to give them the money they had lost in poor investments. They took responsibility. They will go after their money from the person who took it from them. Time will tell if they hold to that path.

It is refreshing to see people, in all walks of life, under trying times, find gratitude for what they have. Losses of huge amounts of money, family, homes, and jobs is the normal condition today in our society. I am happy to see someone show gratitude for the "really important and irreplaceable things".

Money is not the foundation of our character. Our actions are. Opening our homes to family and friends is better than any resort where we could meet. Sharing our food, our time, our love is what really matters. There is not a price tag that can be put on that. Whether we are renting, buying, or own our homes, it is still our haven of love and comfort for us and our families.

So as I turn my head from side to side and see all that is surrounding me, I am so grateful. I have a family, and the rest just is not all that important. Lamps, sofas, wall art, dishes, rugs, and all the rest. I could live with much less of it all.

To each of my family, friends, and those who I share my life with..... I love you. You are the things money can't buy, and can't take away. I am so glad I don't have to be greedy and expect others to pay my way, or give me anything. I am thankful I can provide for myself and my family. It may not be the glamorous way I wanted to, but it is more from my heart than my wallet. I love my family, even with all our quirky ways, I wouldn't trade any of you. I love you.

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