Friday, February 27, 2009

Wasting away in Arizonaville

How many hours can one waste while following everyone elses's blog friends. I went to the blog of my dear friend Kathy. There I recognize a few names on her list, Becky's Blog, and more, so I check them out. (Kathy, your friends take the most fabulous photography). Then I recognize faces in some of the photos, so I look up their blog, and then there is another one... and suddenly I realize the sun is setting and I don't think I have moved for hours.....I read about honeymoons, cruises, sick daughters, snow in Utah, Photo shots of little girls who need to use the bathroom, little children pretending to be a fireman with a vacuum hose.......... and all the while it is getting darker and darker outside.

I guess I am glad I don't have a demanding family of little children who think they need dinner, or supervised. Just dogs who are tired of waiting to go on their walk..... so off I go.

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