Saturday, February 21, 2009

A busy week

Oliver loves to play sports. Basketball has not been very good to him. Shortly after he returned from his mission he was playing, and ended up having surgery on his knee. . . . . . Well, somethings don't change. A couple of weeks he did a repeat performance. Surgery is being scheduled AGAIN.

Sometimes I wonder why my family can't seem to "keep it together". They would rather "fall apart" by letting lots of bad or unhealthy things happen to them... I say this with "tongue in cheek".

Jackson spent a day in Phoenix Children's Hospital. He will be returning there once a week for a 6 to 8 weeks for additional IV treatment for his Crones Disease. Once again his iron is very low and that indicates there is bleeding inside his little body. So, treatment begins.

Then my little Zoey developed an ear ache. She just kept shaking her head over and over, and so I knew. But then she added chewing on the top of her tail near her bottom. I was a bit more alarmed and then she started coughing. So off top the Vet we went. Kennel cough, ear ache, and some kind of "bug a boo" (Dr. Day's way of discribing it) on her tail. So 3 prescriptions later we headed for home. And praying she won't need a little surgery on her tail.. which is a possibility.

And then Madison didn't want to be left out of the "drama", because she will be the first one to tell you that "it is all about her". And we love love love her for being her!!

She was playing basketball (she and Oliver should get a clue) and she broke her ankle. She is in a temporary cast until the swelling goes down, then she will have a real cast. Her bootie is a slipper from her Aunt Liz!

Last night we girls were hanging out in my bedroom, (big girls working on Saving Dinner) and Madison was decorating her crutches. Tyia had taken her to get pink duct tape but they only had red, so that is what she used. And electrical tape added the black stripes. She has the craft gene for sure! A girl after my own heart!

So Oliver, Jackson, Zoey and Madison.... please try to be more careful! And all of the rest of you..... don't do anything to be a part of this blog!

I love all of you!

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