Friday, October 17, 2008

Done Jamm'in

39 bottles of Jam, 2 pies, 5 tarts, and 2 cups of berries left over for smoothies or yogurt, or whatever!

What a wonderful feeling of accomplishment, and the best sound is the "pop" of the lids as the jars seal.

Tyia, Thank YOU, for all your help! I love ya tons. Now lets go have a PBJ with the 1/2 of cup of leftover jam!


  1. Oh how I want to can! A canning set and all its fixins is my biggest Christmas wish,.,,,,I have let JOe know! The jam looks wonderful!

  2. You go girl - Just checkin in and saying "hi" from Idaho! We can't wait to come visit again....
    :)Love ya


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