Friday, April 4, 2008

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Today was one of the hardest days since surgery. My leg has been swollen and very stiff. When I stand gravity causes my leg to weigh 30 pounds more than normal. And wouldn't you know it, I'm out of pain meds. (But I have a secret supplier.)

Therapy has been going well, but has left me stiff and sore. This morning at 7:45 therapy began. At 9:15 I had my post-op exam and had 17 staples removed. I was given orders from the physicians assistant to get different TED hose and a cane, which I will be using for the next 4 weeks. Isn't that a depressing thought? TED hose and a cane??

Varce was with me today and we headed off with our list of things to accomplish. The first 3 stops were in vain. We had been given bum information. So Varce brought me home, hooked me up to the CPM machine, and then he left for work. Ty was shopping with Nikki and I would have a few minutes of peace and quiet. The doorbell rang, which I ignored, then the phone rang. There was a delivery at the door. So I unhooked myself and answered the door. What a wonderful surprise to brighten my low spirits! The doctors and staff, who I value as friends as much as coworkers, had sent me a nutritious lunch. It couldn't have come on a better day. How grateful I am to be surrounded by such thoughtful people.

It wasn't long until my home nursing staff returned. And she was just as happy to be able to partake. What a refreshing and light treat for the infirm and those who care for me.

Tyia has been valiant in every way. She anticipates my needs, knows my thoughts, and understands my desires. She fluffs my pillows, fetches pills, food, and water, changes the linen, keeps me supplied in DVDs, fixes dinners, tends 3 dogs, and keeps the laundry up. She's going to be a tough act follow. She has set the bar high for me. Especially while Varce is working long hours in another outage. She has gone above the call of duty. She even sleeps with me despite my snoring and tends to my needs through the night.

Thank you Ty for being such a special daughter and friend. My heart is full with gratitude for the blessing you are in my life. And thank you Varce for your never ending patience and willingness to help me even when I know you are so tired. I share my thanks with Heavenly Father daily for my loving family, my parents, and my friends. I am very blessed.

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