Tuesday, April 8, 2008

As we made plans for the weekend with Nikki and her family to join us to partake of the spirit of General Conference we added a few additional plans as well. We shared the food menu responsibilities for Sat and Sun and we planned a quiet activity to complete as we watched conference. The spirit in our home was strong as we heard the voices of our new prophet and apostles. We witnessed the mantel upon our new prophet, Thomas S. Monson. My testimony was strengthened and validated with the knowledge that I am a member of the true church of Jesus Christ on the earth today. I am grateful for the modern technology which allows their faces to be in my home and speak directly to me and my family. What a wonderful weekend it was to be given such glorious and inspired messages.

During this time we, as a family, shared in good food, laughter, and creativity. The jokes and wit kept a smile on my face for 2 solid days as I listened to my daughters create and bond with one another. Included in this post are some of the photos of the weekend. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Wizards, faeries, dragons, and magical creatures came to life before our eyes, even our eyes (inside family joke) *insert much laughter here*. Our next project will be to provide faerie houses for shelter and atmosphere for our magical friends.

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  1. How fun you guys:) You are all so creative and special!! I love you all!


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