Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It is done!

March 18, 2008 @ 10:30, in the Scottsdale Healthcare my left knee was replaced with a titanium plate and a zirconium socket. Mom said that as I go through airports now I will set off alarms!

The surgery went fine, and although I am terribly sore, and limited in every way, including my thinking (due to pain meds) I have not regretted doing it. Every second clicking on my bedroom clock is reasurring to me that the seconds are getting me closer to full recovery.

I can not express enough my love for my husband and daughter Tyia, for every second of round the clock care and concern. During my 4 days in the hospital, and now at home I have every thoughtful thing done for me. Meals, body lotioned, hooking me up and taking me off the CPM machine, medication on time, water bottle always cold and full, iPod ready with relaxing, sleeping music, and music to do physical therapy to, clean eyeglasses, help to "potty" and to shower, opening windows, closing windows, photo slide shows, books to read, sudoku books, tapioca pudding, fresh fruit, and I could go on and on.

On Monday my mom arrived and now her name it on the "I Am So Grateful For..." list. No matter how old we are, there is no one who can do for you what your mom can do. Even if it is just knowing she is in the house, but she is here for ME. She has been through this surgery and has complete understanding. Dad, thank you for sharing her with me. It means more than you know to have her here.

The loving phone calls from my brothers and sisters. They are short phone calls, and I thank you so much for that. At this time, that is all I can handle. I know I am in your thoughts and prayers. I don't need to hear words to know that. I love you so very much.

My friends, my ward family, and neighbors, you are so wonderful. Your thoughtful meals, and get well cards, (those who have had this surgery are especially sympathetic and understand). I can not comprehend how great you all have been. I am so very blessed!!!!


  1. Hi Aunt Tawny, I dont know why I havent called you I have no excuses! But I think about you EVERY DAY! I love you so very much and I hope you know that! I hope you are recovering well and feeling ok. You mean so much to me. Love Boo

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