Friday, May 4, 2012

Yellowstone National Park

On cold winter nights, when my DH and I curl up and watch TV, we will watch the most random the National Geographic channel, or The Animal Channel....or the Idaho Channel.

Well, this week we decided to go and live and see the things that were on TV this winter.
It was also "Get Into National Parks Free" week.  And we live by one. 
Yellowstone National Park.

I pack a picnic and we left the house around 8 am.  Early for me!

We were gone 12 hours.  We loved every single minute of those hours.

I am going to share some random photos I took.  I am still trying to shoot in something besides "Auto" and I am miserable at it!!!!

These are untouched photos....but they are what we saw....

Sit back and relax. 

** disclaimer....**  Some are rated x.  It is just like the animal channel on TV. 
You have been warned!!

Bubbling mud pots are so fascinating to me..... How does the earth stay hot here, and not every where else?  And, for years and years and years.......

You can find gysers all over the park.  Not just at Old Faithful.  But they are smaller, usually.

The water is so blue in places.  But not everywhere.  Why is that???

Yes, that sky is real.  Yes, a storm was coming.  Yes, we got rained on, and thundered on and yes, I loved every single minute.

The roads were virtually bare! There were very few cars, and the best part was when we saw wildlife, we could get right up close to them.  When we walked the boardwalks we were the only ones there.  I have never been to "the park" and had it to myself!  It was wonderful.

Now, I want you to listen to this, and you listen good!  Yes, this is how close I was.  I know...... every park ranger in the world would have me in hand cuffs by now...if they were there.  But, I have never been so close to a wild bison before, and I couldn't resist.

I squatted down , and...focused.....and then I heard my dear darling sweet DH say, "Honey, I think it would be best if you got in the car, now!"  He could have been a park ranger. 

However, I am so glad that I followed his "suggestion" and got inside the car, and closed the door.  If I hadn't followed the "suggestion" I would have missed the next photo.

Close your eyes if you have an  avertion to "mother nature".  This is REAL.

Are they closed.

This is your last chance...!

ummm.  *clearing throat*     ummmm..

I mean really, how often do you get to see this?!!

Oh, stop it.

You would have looked, too.

You would have taken the photo, too.

OK, moving on!!...................

The road to West Thumb is still closed....I guess the road there has snow on it, still.  Or the park rangers are having a party or camping or whatever instead of opening the road.

Hello, are you still here..... quite scrolling back up there!

OK, I will wait.......



oh, OK....I will write more later, when I have your full attention.

Love, Me

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