Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Snow On April 2, 2012

In the west, and the east, and everywhere else there are random snow storms.
The past few days the North East has been hit with a dang good storm.

So, I was thinking about our last snow storm.
It was on April 2, 2012.

I woke up that morning, I clearly remember doing that.
I looked out the window, I do that every day.
And I was shocked!  It is hard to shock me.

During the night it snowed.

Our solar lights were still on, and I don't know how, because they were blanketed with snow.
All asphalt or cement was baren of snow.
All grass, trees, shrubs, fences, wires and satelite dishes were blanketed in snow.
The dogs were as shocked as me!
I showed you what Zoey did on this snow day....
Now, I am going to show you what Ivy did.
What Ivy always does.

Her instincts kick in and she becomes a rodent killer..... or looker......or sniffer......
She stays Far Away from the cold white stuff.
She finds the warm place where the sun has been shinning.
She sniffs,,,and sniffs,,,,, and sniffs......
Until she gets a random piece of bark stuck on her face.

I don't know if Ivy is giving Zoey a "raspberry" for being in the snow, or if she wants help.
She is an odd little thing, with a warped sense of self esteem.
At any rate, she likes the dry ground, in the sun, green grass and looking for rodents.

Instead of this....................

Today it is 71 degrees and Ivy and I are loving it.
I think I will go and mow the lawn......

Love, Me

PS.  No decision yet on the chicken coop...... but I planted the thought...........  It was really quiet at our house for a while...... I think DH was thinking..........(I wonder if he feels trapped?  Does he want to say no?  Is there a chicken in my future?  Maybe he will build a doghouse?  I wonder who will live in the dog house?)

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