Friday, December 4, 2009

Thrift Stores

"it just so happens i buy it faster than i can use it" ......

I love Thrift Stores. Did you know that on Thursday, Goodwill has a Dollar Color? It changes every Thursday. Like maybe Yellow was on a recent Thursday, so I looked for yellow tags on sheets. Yes, bedding sheets. I found some fabulous sheets to cut up to make more rag rugs. I am loving them! And I make matching place mats. They are just too too cute.

No, I won't take a picture and post it... Christmas is coming..... la la tra la la.....

So now I have two big plastic sacks full of sheets....

But I also have a new fetish... Amber Glass. Yes, the carnival glass. I have new glasses in the kitchen, cereal bowls, a water pitcher, serving platter, and some candy dishes.

I also find tarnished silver to be delightful. I love the patina on the silver. No, I will never polish it. It looks better and better the longer it is handled and not shinned.

Then there is the old luggage. I just love it! I fill it with the cut up sheets, close the luggage, make a tag that says what is in the luggage and stack 'em up. Oh, oh, they are great!

Like I said "it just so happens i buy it faster than i can use it" .

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