Friday, November 13, 2009

Food Prepardness and traditions

I have loved spending time with my daughters and grandkids as we have done fall canning. We have done Chicken (50 lbs) Concord Grapes (20 lbs) Beets (90 lbs. and pickled a lot of it) and made kits for homemade bread. We grind our wheat, and put them in Gallon Ziploc Bags and freeze them. When we use them we only add 4 ingredients and presto.... I bake bread. Nikki shares her grinder with us, and I am sure grateful for that!

I grew up with gardens, apple trees, and a posterity who raised and canned most everything they ate. We had a current bush, and made current jelly. Then used it on homemade bread or pork... it was so good.

My dad hunted and fished, so we ate trout, elk, deer and antelope all the time. To this day I enjoy fresh Elk Liver and onions. (Jeremy, my friends son brings it to me in the fall in Arizona and I cherish that meal!)

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  1. Hi Aunt Tawnya!
    Long time no see!!
    Love the stuff you've been canning! I canned all summer too, took my stuff to the fair and got some ribbons to show! Fun!
    We are going to have to visit with each other some day! I know mom misses visiting with you...
    I have a blog to....


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