Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Recovery is a work in progress

In the beginning I was to rest, and get out of the heat.......

While spending some hours of relaxation on the "rim", I have found my inspiration once again. Or at least time to do some of the things that my heart aches to do. I still have the "shakes" and that means I have to simply stop what I am doing and find something that I can do. I don't let it interfere with the "doing".
These started out as hot pads. I stitched snack size baggies inside of them and added a button for a closer. Your job is to figure out what you will do with it, if you get one. (Embellishments, sewing supplies, coupons, etc.?????)

At the last count I had 17 knitted dish clothes. They wear forever and are better than any brand of store bought. I still have a cone of cotton yarn in a different color, so there will be at least 17 others in the waiting.

While at the Webb family reunion this past July, Liz and I and others crocheted scrubbies. It is from netting, which is cut into 3" strips. Then you crochet. Well, I crocheted, and crocheted and crocheted. I have nearly 50 done. I hope you all like yellow!

In the Quilt Shop in Pine, Arizona I saw a loom in the corner and it had a rug started on it. It is so much like the rugs Grandma Walters used to make, only much more simple on a small loom and not the big one that requires shuttles or sewing fabric together. But the idea is much the same. So I said to myself, "Self, we are going to take this class and add making rugs to our list of God given talents". I showed Nikki the loom, and she was in for it, too. We took the class, got our looms, and fabric cut, and spent endless hours in the shade of the pine trees, feeling the cool breeze, and braided away. They are endless in possibilities and there is no counting. It is another therapy!

Many spirits keep coming to earth for their bodies, so I continue to ready a gift for them. Some for girls, some for boys. The crocheted edging on these soft flannel blankets and bibs are treasures from my heart for those special sweet spirits. I am happy to add warm love to surround those sweet bodies.

I am so grateful that I have developed talents and skills, and that I find joy in the doing. They are gifts of love for those I share them with. They are therapy for me while creating them. And most of all, they allow me time to ponder, when my mind is cleared from the daily busy things that we all do. My mind goes "some place else", and I day dream, and think and allow those quiet whisperings to come to mind. I have found peace.

And the best part of all is when "company comes". Being with my family is the joy of my life. They are the creations I am the most proud of.

Rylee is a God Grand Daughter. She is a joy and a help in my kitchen.

Jackson, ....... and his video games.

Poppy is waiting for the Kingsford briquettes to light. We had a wonderful Dutch Oven dinner about an hour after this photo. (And Poppy was getting sick with the flu, and fed us dinner anyway) Jeff kept us laughing with all the games he invented. And laugh we did. Jackson should be in drama, or write plays. What a gift!

When we could get Madison to wake up, she was one smile after another. Oh, how I love her!

Jack, you have a brain that astounds me. What a vocabulary! And you are brillant. Great things await us all as we watch you grow.


  1. Mama - one more talent - your photography!!!! Thank you for posting these!!! I feel like I'm there. And all your creations look so beautiful! You've taken awesome pictures of them. Thank you thank you for teaching us these skills. Thank you for giving us such an appreciation of the arts. I can't wait to get back home to sit by your side and make some too. I love you!

  2. Oh you guys make me wanna move closer! Thanks for sharing pics and letting me peek!
    Love ya


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