Saturday, February 23, 2008

Traveling for the good of our kids

Last weekend was a blast! We spontaneously decided to hook up to our 5th wheel and headed for San Diego. With 3 adults and 3 dogs, we packed more for the dogs than the people. Kennels, toys, grooming equipment, food, snacks, leashes, car-seat harness, etc. And every minute was an adventure.

Kattie is moving out of a house she has been renting, into her own condo. It is not very big, but man oh man is it classy! Granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, hard wood floors. It is freshly painted....oh to be single again.... aghump..... she must down size her belongings, but the end result will be fabulous. We made a couple of trips with our truck from the old place to the new place, and decided it was time to play. We took our two dogs, Tyia's dog, and Kattie's dog to the beach. What a joke. Barking. One word sums it up. Barking. They played in the water, barked, romped on the sand, barked, saw other dogs, barked, saw us, barked, saw people, barked....

We had to bathe and dry 4 dogs and hoped the sand didn't clog the drain. Sorry Kate, that was not the best way to break in your new kitchen. But it was worth it.

Oliver was a good sport even after working all day at the bank, and still found time to come and see us on Saturday. Then on Sunday we all met and went out to breakfast. It is so fun to see my grown adult children. They each have their own lives, and success and trials. But I am so proud of them. They have wonderful relations with each other. They love to be with their parents, and we love to be with them. They make us laugh, and keep us entertained. I love them dearly.

On this weekend we were able to hook up with Vicki and Colin. That was a memorable evening. Varcel is a good sport and lets me rib him when he doesn't really know where he is driving but continues on the road as though he does. We all had a good laugh... you just had to be there.

My knee continued to hurt most of the weekend. Colin gave me a drink of Bazi and it lifted my spirits and my energy. I took some again at night and actually slept very well. I have not been able to sleep more than 1 1/2 hours without waking up, in the last two months. The pain in my left knee wakes me up so much during the night, that I can hardly function during the day. But I felt so much better after drinking just a couple of ounces. I am a believer in it!!! I don't usually take "energy" drinks and that stuff. But this is different. I could feel it in my body within just a few minutes. It is all natural, and so good for us. I recommend it highly! I brought home a bottle with me, and everyday I feel better. My knee is not improving, but it seems more tolerable due to the fact that I can sleep better. If you want to know more about the product I will happily give you a taste and you will know for yourself how good it makes you feel within minutes. After you taste it, we can talk and I will tell you more. You have to experience it for yourself. I believe in it enough to sell it.

I saw the Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Yacobuchi, last Tuesday. He informed me that it was time to do surgery on my knee. So, Knee Replacement it is. He referred me to another surgeon who specializes in replacements, by the name of Dr. Buhon. I will see him next Friday. But I understand he has a 2 to 3 month waiting period for surgeries. I am going to keep looking for a suitable surgeon and hopefully have it done sooner. I can not go on like I am now. I can hardly walk, and I am never out of pain. This growing old sucks! So if anyone knows a good surgeon for knee replacements, please let me know.

p.s. Happy Birthday Jane (and Barbara)

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