Monday, February 4, 2008

How appropriate for us to have the chance to bear our testimony the day following the funeral of our beloved prophet Gordon B. Hinckley. My testimony of a living prophet in this modern age is firm. When people ask me how I know that he is a real prophet, I have to ask a question back to them. If God thought it was a needful thing to have a prophet in the olden days, and the days prior to the birth of the Savior, then why wouldn't God want to have one on earth now? I wonder if those people who lived on the earth when Abraham and Nephi and the early prophets lived had the same attitude of scepticizm from so many. I can only say, I know the Prophet lives. President Thomas S Monson is now a mortal man, who has prepared himself and lived worthy to be ready to serve the Lord, and all of us at this time. This I know to be true. Although mortal, he is ordained to this calling. What a joy it is to witness the change in the leadership, and to know that nothing in the church, or the gospel has changed. The church, its teachings, our beliefs remain the same.

When I got the phone call I felt joy. The reunion that must have taken place in heaven must be so grand. No media, no halftime extravagance, no fireworks, just an inner happiness! An eternal joy that can not be matched or bought on this earth. Truely the meek will inherit the earth.

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